Puffins, plants and plays?

Hello!  Recently, I was lucky enough to be sent three books by publisher Barrington Stoke that I was super excited to read and review, so without further ado:


The Puffin Portal by Vashti Hardy

Grace Griffin is back and newly qualified as a warden.  She’s excited to get the hang of fighting crime and using the Griffin Map, but her first case seems to have her stumped.  Mysterious and downright weird thefts are happening all over the country and the only connection is a puffin at the scene of the robberies.

Vashti Hardy has done it again!  I loved The Griffin Gate and it was fantastic to be back with Grace in this wonderfully imaginative world of fantastic technology.  The Puffin Portal is a lightning quick and intriguing mystery story that is full of heart and charm.  There’s a real theme of belonging and being a part of something throughout this story which I think will delight readers.  Grace is feisty and cool as she solves the mystery alongside her sidekick Watson who is a fascinating robotic raven!  I can’t wait for more in this fantastic technological world of portals and adventures.

The Puffin Portal is perfect for ages 8+ and can be bought now from Barrington Stoke


Blossom by Laura Dockrill

Blossom has always been surrounded by flowers and plants at her family’s market stall which has been passed down through the generations.  But the stall is in danger as Blossom’s parents can’t seem to agree about the future – can Blossom find solace with the plants and find a way to save her parents relationship and the stall?

This was a gorgeous story, so simple, yet so poignant and with so many serious issues dealt with sensitively.  Blossom’s sense of grief was so delicately handled and her continuing love for her grandparents through their plants and her aloe vera was beautifully shown.  The layers to this story will hit on different levels with so many different readers and I honestly just thought it was a wonderful story. 

Blossom is suitable for readers 8+ and can be bought now from Barrington Stoke.


Tripwrecked by Ross Montgomery

Frank and the rest of the drama club are shipwrecked in a terrible storm on their way to performing The Tempest.  Only some of the cast seem to make it to the desert island, but what has happened to the rest of them?  There seems to be something mysterious happening on this island – strange music and some sort of monster on the loose!  They’ve definitely been Tripwrecked!

I love this funny and silly retelling of The Tempest from Ross Montgomery with so many disastrous moments for Frank and his drama club!  I haven’t read Rock Bottom, but Tripwrecked stood alone fine without any need to have read the previous book.  There were lots of laugh out loud moments throughout with clever reveals and funny dramatic scenes that will definitely have children giggling.  As well as the humour, Ross Montgomery shares some important themes of team work and standing up for yourself through the characters of Frank and Rianna.  Lots of overdramatic silliness, but a fabulous book!

Tripwrecked is perfect for ages 8+ and can be bought now from Barrington Stoke.


Thank you so much to Barrington Stoke for providing these review copies.

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