The Great Fox Illusion by Justyn Edwards

Felicity, or Flick, Lions is the daughter of a magician and she has managed to win herself a place on a new television show competing with others to win the legacy of the Great Fox, the pseudonym of one of the world’s most famous magicians.  However, Flick doesn’t care about his legacy…she cares about her father’s legacy and she will go to any lengths to find it and bring her father back into her life.

This was such a fun and fast paced book!  I read this in one sitting on a lazy Sunday morning and boy did it wake me up.  From the very beginning, it feels as if the reader is thrust into a puzzle themselves and I love the little asides from the narrator before each part – these made me very keen to try and work out what on earth was going on before Flick.  I’ve always been fascinated by magic tricks and I very much enjoyed trying to figure out the solutions right alongside Flick and Charlie.  I did work out one bit before it happened which felt incredibly satisfying and the cliffhanger left me looking forward to the next book!

Flick is a fantastic heroine.  She is feisty and knows her own mind.  Initially reluctant to be paired with anyone else, she develops and opens up across the story realising that in fact she does need support from another – just like a magician’s assistant!  She and Charlie worked well together and I enjoyed his character too.  I felt a sort of kinship with Charlie in his fast speaking and nervous manner.  Harry and Ruby make for an interesting pair of antagonists who will leave readers angry at their snide comments. 

A fascinating read that will leave readers puzzling throughout.  5 out of 5 stars.

Thank you to Walker Books and NetGalley for this e-book review copy.  The Great Fox Illusion by Justyn Edwards is out 7th April and you can pre-order a copy here.

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